Nyree Zerega

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Systematist & Director, Graduate Program in Plant Biology and Conservation
Chicago Botanic Garden

n-zerega at northwestern dot edu

Genetic characterization of Caribbean Breadfruit: Advancing food security and local sustainable agriculture via germplasm conservation (2017)

Breadfruit is an important underutilized food crop introduced to the Caribbean in the late 1700s from Oceania. It has since become a culturally and ecologically important plant species in the Caribbean landscape, however much of the diversity, unique only to the Caribbean,...

Analysis of breadfruit domestication (Artocarpus altilis, Moraceae) (2014)

Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis, Moraceae), a traditional staple crop in Oceania, is poised to become an important international crop in the coming century, with major implications for food security in the tropical developing world. Previous research by Zerega et al. identified the wild progenitor of breadfruit (A. camansi) as well as a domestication gradient from New Guinea east into Polynesia...

Phylogenetic revision of the genera Artocarpus (2013)

The plant genus, Artocarpus is distributed from South Asia east into Oceania, and is the third largest genus (55 68 spp.) in the Moraceae family (fig and mulberry). Artocarpus contains several species of economic and agricultural significance throughout the tropics. While many species produce timber or fruits of regional significance, two species are cultivated throughout the tropics:...